K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

Belleville, Michigan

Our mission is to help you become the calm assertive pack leader that you need to be in order to guide your dog to a balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

When we accepted the responsibility of being dog owners, we made a promise to ensure that our dogs are fulfilled and challenged in body, mind and heart every day. Our goal is to show you the simple formula that you can follow to make this happen. By following the principles that we at K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation live by each day with our pack, you too can have a calm-submissive dog that brings a love and joy into your life that only a dog can bring.

Danny Davis

Dog Behaviorist, Founder & Co-Owner

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Pictured is Gump who was

saved from a life of fighting.

Success Stories.

You can do this!

Helping dogs with issues through leadership and fulfillment.

Pack Leader.

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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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