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a.k.a. “Bubbles” when he is being particularly goofy

Patricia, Ann Arbor

I moved to Michigan this year after 25 years of living in a very small New York City apartment that didn’t allow pets. I was excited to adopt my first dog, but also very anxious about being a good owner and truthfully, struggling with being just a little apprehensive about dogs in general (I had been attacked twice in New York City by off-leash dogs).

When I met with Danny it was like signing up for “dogmatch.com”. Danny took the time to really understand what I was looking for in a dog, got to know me and asked me great questions that helped both of us understand the type of dog who would find a happy home with me. Through our conversation, I realized that since I was so new to Michigan, socializing with my dog was very important to me. Danny also asked me to tell him about some good experiences I had with dogs. I had always loved the dogs that one of my neighbors had in NYC, they were big, sweet, gentle Rottweilers. While I was a little nervous about being a good owner for a breed of dog that has a somewhat troubled reputation as being aggressive, Danny was terrific about educating me on what the breed was really like and how to be the “pack leader” for any dog who found a home with me. After a long conversation, Danny told me he thought he had the perfect dog for me. He went in to the back of the shelter and re-emerged with Bubba, a three-year old, 110 lb. Rottweiler with the kindest eyes and gentlest disposition I had ever encountered. For me it was love at first sight.

Over the past 8 months, Bubba has become a true companion and is filled with nothing but love and slobber. We spend a great deal of time at the Swift Run Dog Park in Ann Arbor and each time Bubba arrives, it’s like the character Norm on that old television sitcom “Cheers.” Everyone hollers out his name and waits expectantly for him to make the rounds to greet them, which he always does with great pleasure. Bubba and I work together daily, using the techniques that Danny taught me with our training lead and consistent behavior, to make sure he maintains the happy, calm and submissive disposition.

One of the wonderful things about adopting from Danny Davis is that you are not just adopting, you are becoming a part of a community that is lifelong. Danny is always available for advice, check-ins, training and is a trusted source of care when I have to board Bubba overnight. Bubba has brought so much joy to my life, I am tremendously grateful for the work that Danny Davis does and for his wonderful gift in rehabilitating dogs and matching them with their forever homes.