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Right-hand man.

Rescuing and rehabilitating Daddy, is where it all started for Danny Davis. It set Danny on a course that would change his life forever.  Daddy, a show-quality German Rottweiler, had a crooked tooth and therefore was not able to be in the show arena. He was surrendered to the humane society from a domestic dispute situation and was extremely aggressive.  The humane society put him in the very back of the kennels because of the frenzy he caused among the other dogs and the people coming to adopt dogs were scared to go near his kennel. When Danny started working with Daddy, he would get up on his hind legs growling and barking at everything and anybody. At 150 pounds, he looked like a bear.  Danny took him home and started work on his rehabilitation and Daddy became a different dog.  Everyone who had known him prior to his rehabilitation thought he was literally a different dog.

Daddy became one of the sweetest guys around. His aggression was non-existent and he was Danny's right-hand  for many years in most rehabilitation cases and was especially helpful with aggressive and fearful cases.

Daddy was with Danny for many years helping to rehabilitate dogs. Sadly, he passed away in March of 2016 at 12 years old. We'll never be able to replace Daddy, but hope to find someone who can fill his role in the pack and help rehabilitate dogs with issues.

R.I.P Daddy - In our hearts forever.

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