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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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Danny Davis

Dog Behaviorist
Founder & Co-owner

Danny was born and raised in the Ypsilanti/Belleville area. He started out volunteering at the local Humane Society where he would spend all day, every day making certain that every dog was walked. It didn’t matter if a dog was aggressive or extremely shy, Danny would work with all of them. It wasn’t long until his reputation spread of his dedication and compassion for every dog.

He encountered just about every issue you can think of while volunteering at the humane society which prepared him for the in-home consultations. But his true lessons on being a dog behaviorist came from living with a pack of dogs. Danny says "It's a must to be a calm assertive pack leader 24/7 to actually live among a pack of dogs." Danny’s pack varies between 15-20 dogs ranging from Rottweilers and German Shepherds to Pit Bulls and other strong breeds. This pack of unwanted and misfit dogs work together to rehabilitate unbalanced dogs and can achieve this balance much faster than any human can.

As founder and co-owner of K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation, Danny’s life is dedicated to saving and rehabilitating dogs. He knows this is the path he was born to follow.