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The Difference in Duke

Julie, Saline

It's been nearly 2 months since we were blessed to meet you and I wanted to report back on the wonderful progress Duke has made since we met.

I'm sure you will never forget the panic and sadness in my voice when I called you in December 2008 after our 2 year old lab mix, Duke, bit another dog.  Though the circumstances around the bite were accidental, we did not take this situation lightly at all as we have a 5 year old daughter and kids are always around our house and we needed a well trained and controlled dog.  Duke was on his way to the Humane Society until you convinced us that you could make a difference with your training.  So off to 1 week of boot camp with you.

Upon our return Duke was seemingly the same old guy, only now with manners.  No longer did he take us for a walk; demand attention from us; or dictate our activities.  Rather we were in control.  My husband and I are both well educated and dog lovers, but never in our lives had we been taught how to handle and Alpha Dog - thanks to you, we learned this.  Duke has responded exceptionally well to this training and we continue to work with him daily.

Thank you a million times over for saving Duke from a fate worse than I want to imagine - your training was a Godsend!

Several months later Julie writes:

I just checked out your site and love it!!! Still brings tears to my eyes to think how eternally grateful I am for you rehabilitating Duke. He is truly Makenzie's best friend and she would have been devastated had the reform not worked. Again and again I thank you for giving me the best gift anyone possibly could. You mean the world to our family!