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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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From fighter, to lover.

K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation - Success Story

Gump lived his whole life in a wood box with a cage door. He was born and bred to kill other dogs and became a Grand Champion Fighter. Gump was rescued from a Pit Bull fighting ring in Indiana about two years ago and came to live with Danny who immediately started his rehabilitation. With the top of his head at his ears worn down to calluses from the top of the wood box and so many scars on his nose that he snorts when he breathes, Gump is becoming a balanced dog. This weekend, Gump stepped out on his first rehabilitation case with us. He was right by our side as we helped two families with their dogs and was able to prove that even the worst cases have hope. All it takes is the simple formula of Exercise, Leadership and then Affection. And of course, it takes discipline by the human to be consistent, which is often the hardest part. If you have a dog with issues, you can learn the tools needed to achieve balance in that dog. Congratulations to our Gump! Good job boy.

Sadly Gump passed away in May 2015. He lived out his life here with us at Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary spending his days playing and lounging with his pack. RIP Gump you are missed.

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