K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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Lindsay, Belleville

Lindsay, Jonny and their dog Ozzy came to the Workshop - Learn the tools to achieve balance in your dog with Danny Davis. They have seen improvements in Ozzy and are on a path to having a balanced dog! Great job guys!!

Lindsay wrote: My husband and I had a great experience at the workshop in September when we brought our one year old, Ozzy. We have busy schedules but made it a plan to practice our walks 3-5x a week but we have not missed a single day of walking yet and each day is getting better, today will be day eight for us  😊. Ozzy is constantly looking to us for direction and listens much better now that we have began to use just a few words for commands verses too many words in the past. I feel much more confident, comfortable, and best of all excited to continue leading Ozzy to improvements with what we learned!

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