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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation takes into account that every case is unique. After your consultation, Danny will determine what approach will be best for you and your dog. If your dog is demonstrating any of the following unwanted behaviors, he can teach you the formula needed to fulfill your dog’s needs and achieve balance through leadership and fulfillment.

  • Aggression towards other dogs or people.
  • Aggression at the door.
  • Difficulty on walks with pulling or trying to go after other dogs.
  • Shyness/Insecurity
  • Over excitement
  • Chewing up the house.
  • Separation anxiety

We offer one-on-one consultations at our center in Belleville. We also hold workshops once a month during the warmer months which offer training in a group setting.  Once you go through a one-on-one session or participate in a Workshop, you will have the opportunity to join our weekly Walk Club. The Walk Club is an excellent place for you to come out and practice your leadership skills and be around other humans and dogs that are doing the same.  Walk Club is held throughout the year, at no charge.

Danny is always available by phone or email. Once you become a client of K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation you become part of the family!

Call Danny at 734-474-9230 to discuss your situation and what would be best for you and your dog.

"Aggression is never the problem, it's the result

of the problem."

Achieving Balance in your dog.

Having a balanced dog does not have to be complicated.   The formula to fulfill your dogs' needs is an easy one to follow; Exercise, Leadership and then Affection.  This formula was created in nature by dogs for dogs.  Let us show you the simple steps to put this formula into action.

Are you the pack leader?

Dogs naturally want to follow a pack leader. As the human, it’s extremely important for you to be that calm and assertive Pack Leader in order to achieve balance. If you’re not, your dog will step up to the role out of plain instinct. That’s when problems start. We can help you achieve that role and achieve balance in your pack. Let us show you the formula needed to fulfill your dog’s needs and achieve balance in your pack.