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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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Roxie & Ozzie

Claudina, Ypsilanti

Danny Davis is a life saver. He literally saves dogs’ lives. Danny does this by behaviorally rehabilitating at-risk dogs so that they can be adopted into, or happily remain in, their forever homes.

These dogs are ones who have a variety of anti-social issues, from general anxiety to separation anxiety to aggression. Dogs learn these negative behaviors in order to survive, especially when they lack a trusting pack leader. Whatever the reason for their behavioral problems, trauma, abuse, neglect, a lack of a pack leader, or all of the above, Danny Davis is a God send to dogs and their people alike.

I know this from personal experience. Danny saved the life of my fifteen month old dog, Roxie. In January 2008, she was going to be destroyed at the Humane Society due to an incident with a volunteer. Roxie, who was back at the Humane Society for the second time in seven months, only had three days to live. Fortunately, for her (and ultimately me) Danny intervened just in time. He strongly urged administrators not to destroy Roxie, but to allow him the time to work with her. They agreed; and the rest as they say is history.

After two weeks with Danny, Roxie became a model dog. She is calm, happy, gentle and very well behaved. One would never think that she had behavior problems, but the story doesn’t end there. Danny has helped me with my other dog Ozzie, as well. He has retrained me to become that pack leader that my dogs need. Dogs require a pack leader they can trust who ideally is their person owner and will always meet their needs. Danny has saved other dogs too such as Big Daddy. Hopefully, he will be able to continue advocating for and rescuing dogs at the Humane Society and other dog shelters.

Of course, Danny Davis is more than a dog rescuer. He is a true “dog whisperer”. This term is used often these days, but in Danny’s case it is true, accurate and appropriate. He has a special way with dogs, communicating with them without words through his confident body language and calm positive assertive manner. Dogs relate to him instantly in an almost uncanny way. Danny exudes a confidence and calmness which I believe dogs pick up on and are drawn to. They immediately understand that he is the pack leader. Danny models his behavior for his client and tells them how to become like him, a calm and assertive pack leader who is in charge of his or her dogs and in control of them and the household.

Danny is not a dog trainer, but rather a dog behaviorist. He skillfully uses dog psychology to help unbalanced dogs become balanced and well behaved.

Danny is very patient and kind in his teaching. He is a keen observer and will point out your dog handling mistakes so that you may learn from them. He demonstrates and teaches new techniques you can use right away. His approach is straightforward and direct. He is easy to understand and follow. He advocated consistency and the three main principles – exercise, discipline and affection. Never is a loud yell or angry reprimand given, or any sort of physical discipline. Just firm gentle corrections and an effective technique that is similar to what a mother dog or pack leader might do.

Danny is very professional, reliable and trustworthy and available. He calls and checks on clients and returns messages. He willingly provides phone consultations as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Danny Davis’ K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation services. I am very pleased with the assistance he has given me in regards to my two dogs and for saving the life of one of them. In a sense, he has saved me as well.