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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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Ellie's Story

Carlene, Ypsilanti
I have had the privilege of observing and working with Danny Davis of K-9 Rescue and Rehabilitation since March of 2007. Having used several dog trainers unsuccessfully in the past, it is readily apparent that Danny is the most qualified and the most personable. Danny has unique talents as a dog psychologist. It gives me great pleasure and is an honor to have been asked to write this reference highlighting Danny’s unique talents and abilities.

As the owner of a two-year-old mixed Beagle, Ellie, who has exhibited aggressive tendencies towards other dogs, I have been extremely pleased with the progress my dog has been making under Danny’s guidance. He quickly and accurately assessed the situation and developed a plan to correct the inappropriate behavior. Ellie is now equipped with a collar and a leash system that enables the person walking her to have all of the control. I worked with Danny to learn how to control her in this particular way. I have used many dog-walking apparatuses recommended by different trainers in the past. I never had the success that I now enjoy. I have learned that proper exercise, where I am her pack leader, allows for proper discipline and in turn enables me to show my dog affection. This system has worked wonders in my household. Danny has demonstrated on several occasions that rules, boundaries and limitations are needed to raise a happy, well adjusted dog. It should be noted that Danny actually demonstrates each action that he wants performed for the dog. He is patient, never tiring until the dog understands what is wanted of her in a particular situation.

My husband and I are now able to walk Ellie through our local park without having her tug and pull on the leash, and she no longer lunges at other dogs. Her behavior has turned around at home as well. Ellie no longer runs our home with an iron paw. She instead has taken very well to being an affectionate pet and wonderful companion. Danny has showed me how to develop the patience it takes to work with an aggressive dog as well as how to understand her most basic needs.

Danny has proven himself to be fair, evenhanded and enthusiastic! He is able to understand the mind of a dog and connect to the dog’s level of understanding. He is a patient teacher with a positive attitude who continues to work with clients until they have a complete understanding of the program and their dog has had success. Danny has been a positive influence on me as well as my dog, Ellie.

I wish him the utmost success as he continues to grow his program and recommend him to anyone looking for a positive rewarding dog rehabilitation experience.

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Success Stories


Sara, South Lyon
"I can't thank Danny enough!! My dog Charlie has been struggling with anxiety issues for 5 years. After one session he's a totally different dog!! I never realized how much of his anxiety was coming from me. So, thanks a million for helping me and Charlie!!"  

Cheryl & Perry, Saline
Our dog Bandit was showing aggressiveness toward people and dogs.  We didn't know what triggered it or how to prevent it.  Danny showed us how to be more effective leaders and it works!!! Bandit is calmer and his aggressive behaviors are diminishing.  Work with Danny and his pack is amazing.


Tracy,  Northern Michigan

I have to say how much I appreciate everything you did to help us! We came to see you in November with two out of my three dogs fighting constantly. My husband and I got bit multiple times and we had one of our dogs living with my mom. I could not use anything on the house that made noise or had a handle because my bulldog would attack it and it would take two of us to get him to release. Since we have seen you I can use things with a handle in the house and his fenced in yard area (still need to work on things outside the fence) and I can dry my hair without getting a black eye. I also have all of my dogs home and we have had no issues. Without you I would have had to get rid of one of them. You are truly amazing. Thank You! I think I need to make the 4 hour drive to see you again this summer to see if you can help me get my Monster (bulldog) to get along with other dogs.


Lili, Ypsilanti
I met Danny Davis when I was ordered by the Ann Arbor police to impound my four year old beagle mix for biting a passerby.  Axle had been raised in a setting where his nervous and occasionally aggressive behavior was never dealt with.  He was pretty unsociable dog except with this family.  I took him in because I did not want him to be put to sleep; I knew he had some wonderful qualities.  I asked the Humane Society if they could recommend a dog trainer to help me with Axle's problems.  I was given Danny's number.  He agreed to come out after talking to me and reassured me that the problems we had to deal with were very remediable.

The confidence I got just from the first phone call was a a great comfort to both my children and me.  He made it possible to afford by allowing me to split the fee into payments.  He wasn't a bit snobbish, and I could tell he really cared about the issues we were having with our dogs.  He even visited Axle while he was in "jail".  After working with Danny's techniques for a few months, we and others could see definite improvements in Axle's general response to people and other dogs.

Due to landlord issues I was forced to find another home for Axle.  The new owner is going to hire Danny also, so that she understands the techniques that helped to bring out the best in Axle, why is now called skipper.  If I had listened to certain negative people, this loving, smart dog would not be with us today.  It's very important to know that people can be trained to be good dog owners and that a dog that was poorly conditioned to begin with can be rehabilitated.

Thank you Danny for the valuable skills you taught my family.  We will be able to use these for the rest of our lives!