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Tina's Story

K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation - Success Story

We met Tina at the local Humane Society when she was about to be euthanized if we did not take her for rehabilitation. Tina was an eight month old big black Mastiff mix who at her young age already weighed 80 pounds. The staff told us she played very rough and was mouthing too aggressively and if the behavior continued to progress, she would be a big problem. So off to rehab she went! We worked with Tina on her problems which were easily corrected because of her age. Young dogs are like sponges and are looking for direction and guidance.

Tina stayed with Danny and the pack for three months. She was adopted by Matt and Cathy who are both loving people that took Tina and gave her the forever home that she needed and deserved.

After about three years Danny and the pack were at the dog park when they spotted Tina and Matt. Tina looked so beautiful; just a big, happy balanced dog. It goes without saying, Danny was very happy for Tina, Matt and Cathy.

Recently, Tina came to stay with Danny and the pack for a few days while Matt and Cathy were out of town. Danny tells us “It was a great pleasure to have her in the pack again even if for only a few days. I was sad to see her go home. It was bittersweet, like the day she was adopted and I hope to see her again soon. Thank you Matt and Cathy for giving Tina such a great place to live and all of the things you do for her every day.”

It's a story like this that makes what we do at K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation so incredibly rewarding.

Thanks Guys!!