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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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All About Tucker

Dawn, Saline

In December 2008 we adopted Tucker from the local Humane Society in Ann Arbor.  We knew very little about him: he was a stray from Milan and had been adopted for six months but then returned to the shelter.  The information sheet told us...NO CATS PLEASE and he was un-trainable.

He is an energetic dog that needed to be socialized with people and other dogs.  We realized that we couldn't improve his behavior on our own, that's when we called Danny (K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation).

After the first few weeks of working with Danny we saw a huge improvement in Tucker's behavior.  Tucker is calmer, more relaxed and listens to us when we tell him to do something.  The changes, within a short period of time, were very noticeable - especially to other dog owners in our neighborhood.

Tucker has found a happy place within our family because of the valuable advise and training from Danny (K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation).