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K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation

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Brenda, Grand Rapids

I found K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation/Danny on the internet after researching dog behaviors. I phoned him almost in tears after my german shepherd nipped a friend, I was not sure what do do with this dog I loved so much. He was a great family dog, just didn't like anybody else. He began barking and charging at everybody. I used a leash and muzzle if anybody came over, and still he would lunge at people. Others became afraid of him. He has a very nervous personality and socialization was always difficult from the get go, never let anybody pet him.

We had two private lessons and I attended one Behavior workshop, where I learned how to be the pack leader. Danny was very patient, teaching different techniques and educating me on dog behaviors. He saw positives in my dog right away. It all started with mastering the walk, we did that twice a day, with fewer corrections each time. With both of our confidences up we progressed to the dog park and had great success. It was so amazing to see him run and play with other dogs and be happy. And finally this weekend we had a birthday party with about 20 guests, this was his true test. I took him for a bike ride before people came over, to get some energy out. He greeted people (without a muzzle on or a leash for the first time) by sniffing them, no barking or charging. He was able to lay down on the floor with a group of people in the room and be relaxed. This was the ultimate celebration of our hard work !!

My journey started with tears and thoughts of having to get rid of my dog that I loved, and ended with a dog that is balanced, healthy and happy. I highly recommend his classes, even if you have to drive a few hours, it will be worth it !!

Thank you Danny for all your support!!

Tyson and Brenda, Grand Rapids